Monday, August 14, 2006


Dear Students,
I write to you from the shores of South Africa as I sit here and look at the infamous Cape. I ponder the many who went around this cape, often a dangerous journey and many died trying. It was a long trip from Europe to India to capture the precious spices and silk and bring it home to make a profit. These pioneers were driven by a passion for profit and adventure. I find myself asking what drives you, the students of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School, where does your passion take you?

I hope it is Light and Love and good feelings and emotions, good energy, positive energy, a HOPE that you bring to others, these are the things we are about, not negativity, rumors and backstabbing. We are about Light and service, Love and passion for God and this life God gave us.

Over the years, I have seen the need to explain the Mystery School many times and at this time it is from both a personal and professional point of view.

To begin with the rumors are correct that Laurie and I have separated and we are going through a divorce. The circumstances of our divorce are our own private business and we ask that this matter be honored as such. We have a private life and we both ask that all of you, as students and light workers respect that as you would like your own private lives respected.

I have been living in Japan since last December and been very busy with both Japan and the US as well as opening up new areas such as South Africa, Ireland, England, Taiwan and other places. I keep on being dedicated to the Mystery School as I have been for almost the last thirty years and I will be until the day I leave this planet to other adventures in the Spirit world.

As to what drives you: I would hope that what drives you and makes you take risks and go forward with bravery and honor is the ‘Holy Grail’ of the Mystery School: HIGHER MAGICKAL SERVICE! This service is something that can ONLY be accomplished by HIGHER MAGICK even though the foundational magick is important it does not serve humans on a global scale. One of the major tools of the Higher Magickal Services is: The ENOCHIAN TEMPLE! As all the third steppers can tell you, this is the NUMBER ONE reason why you are a Ritual Master and the only reason why to go on to Higher Magick. This work is so important for the world and if we stop that now we are doomed.

This is the time when Satan will try to stop us and stop the work as much as he can. He will convince you that there is no need for temple work and the Higher Magick. This is being done so that we will have fewer trained Ritual Masters to fight Satan’s Evil on this planet. He will plant things of doubt and fear in you minds and set in motion forces of evil to stop the good that we are already doing. The RMMS is truly doing Higher Magickal Service to humanity all the time. We have people out in the field right now as we speak, such as a team of High Initiates who are in London right now and have been there for several days working their incredible magick with directions from me here in the Enochian Temple in Tokyo. They have set in motion energy that stopped another 9/11 from happening at Heathrow airport. Yoda san, our teacher of our Holy Blood classes, will report in detail at another time as she is leading this team.

Luisa is in the Philippines doing magickal work in the temple there (we have a full Enochian Temple outside Manila) and she is holding the South Gate for all women, she is working with a group of women on many magickal projects. A team of highly trained Third Steppers are traveling around in the US Griding certain areas so that Evil can not flow as before when it is released from its Gate. There are many other teams doing work all the time, highly motivated and well trained individuals who go around the Cape in search of new adventures but they bring home SERVICE to all humans, they keep the gates locked and sealed so that evil does not come into the world of regular humans. They defend our borders so that their fellow humans, the innocents, can sleep at night!

We are doing good work all the time and for this work we need higher initiates that are properly trained. But Satan is a smart man and he plants these thoughts and rumors and negativity in your minds about me (which is what I told you in the beginning, you will learn to hate me and you will blame me for quitting and everything else) about the school and how it does not have the authority any more (I ask then how come the HIERARCHY is blessing us with all these new people coming in, they can’t all be wrong and out of tune with their higher self!) and about the higher magickal services (that they are no longer needed?)

What has changed since last year, or yesterday, NOTHING!!! We are still in the battles of earth and heaven, we have not entered through some ‘magickal field’ that has taken away the evil on the planet, if this so then someone needs to tell evil about it because they are still hammering us; ergo the world situation today (1- 666-call evil, in case you don’t have the number).
At this time when Laurie and I are separated there are many who have come in and are trying to create Chaos and draw people to one or the other. I ask that you to NOT do so, Laurie and I do not want people to choose, there is nothing to choose between, we will still both be here and serve you as before, and the most important thing to remember is that the school is not Laurie’s or mine but it is the HIERARCHYS School and YOUR SCHOOL!

Laurie and I are here only to serve you and even though we do not do this together anymore we are still doing it. I will be traveling more then ever, Laurie is focusing on the incredible WICCA, Foundational Magick and Channeling School.

My travels will take me all around the US to such places as: The East coast; New York with Lorraine Hendrich, Hannah Bajor, Chip Thermer, Gretchen Thermer, Sandra Reed at the helm, Florida with Lani Flemming and Laurie a dynamic duo. The West coast; LA with John Evans, Elizabeth Selden and Thad Carlson that have opened a fantastic new center and store in down town LA and of course, Seattle with Verla Wade, Theresa Bullard and their incredible team. Then we have Toronto under the leadership of Dave Lanyon and his team who have been the driving force in our North America operations/oversight and especially our New Magus newsletter ( – newsletter tab), which you will be seeing regularly.

I will be traveling to all of these places on a regular basis to teach both new and exciting seminars never seen before in the US and handing down the Higher Magickal trainings. We will conduct Temples in each area and training for these. These areas have committed to opening a temple as soon as we have the numbers to support that but until then we will have the training in Enochian, Egyptian and Goethian Magick. These are your next steps in High Magick!I as well will be traveling to distant shores. This year we brought the teachings to South Africa, and it felt like coming home, specially with the Mermaids inviting us and welcoming us into the area. This is where it all began, in Africa, and I could feel the power of Queen Sheba and King Salomon in the ground there. They had a home close to the Cape. I am also going back home to my ancestral place or at least half of my ancestors are from Ireland. We will be conducting Teachers Program in October in Ireland and it is very exciting to see how many are coming in to the school over in Leprechaun country.

We are also doing some work in London and that is weird, to come home to the beginning from the Golden Dawn and teach in that city again. In December I will be in Taiwan to bring these teachings to the children of Tara and Quan Yin. These are exciting times and so much is happening with our school that all of us should be in good spirits, be happy and
scrape off the negativity and evil that is attacking us and trying to drag us down.

All this work is being done under the direction of the Hierarchy of Light and we need to be in DIRECT communication with the higher powers to be. This means that we need to learn their language which is the ENOCHIAN LANGUAGE! So I urge you to not partake in the rumors and slander that has arisen since my separation, negativity is always evil. Please continue to study well the higher magick taught in the school. In this way you can know for your self and talk directly to the higher beings without any medium or psychic telling you what they are saying. You need to know on your own. Please be in tune with your heart and listen to your soul NOT YOUR MIND, this one is so easily corrupted with rumors and evil. Stay strong and be Victorious!

Be brave and be kind to each other.

With much Love and Light

Gudni GED Gudnason RM
Headmaster Rocky Mountain Mystery School.


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