Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Regarding the Brother and Sisterhood of Light and
Why people are drawn to the teachings of a Mystery School:

This article is written in the hopes that you may understand why people chose to learn from a Mystery School and why this is not a cult, which so many people fear. This article explains the simple truths about who are the people behind the Mystery School and its tradition and how they “only” serve and do not seek to control the students. To begin with it is important that you know that we are not a religion and we do not represent any religion on this planet. We are not political nor are we of any type of sect or group with a specific philosophy that has in the past controlled people. We are a school and people come to learn from us and then they can leave any time at the end of their seminar, if they so chose. There are no members here!

As we humans seek for truth, joy, abundance, fulfillment, our place in life and so on, we search in many places. Humans have for centuries longed for more and they have been offered more by many. These have used their powers to control the seekers and in the greater scheme of things this is called evil. However sometimes the people have also had luck in finding the things that are good and that has usually been through something called the Mystery School tradition and we see that by the number of people who have been members of this tradition that have been very successful in their lives (see a partial list below). Even though the Mystery Schools have mostly been underground they have always brought many people to them, people who seek a sense of belonging to something true and good. People who wanted to do good in life found their way to these hidden schools, through some mystical way or by a charge of destiny some might proclaim.

Through out time the powers to be or God if you so want to call it, has chosen people to lead these schools and to redefine the actual direction that we as humans are taking. Free will is still in place but God can through Gods appointed servants give hints and suggestions that could shift the course of history. These beings are called from the time of their birth through an unmistakable process of evolution where they show their spiritual awakened state through extraordinary abilities that are often misunderstood by humans around them. They become isolated and afraid until they are taken in by other physical beings that are on the same path as they are. Then they come to stability and see a purpose with their lives. These beings are often referred to as our older sisters and brothers and they serve on the Brother and Sister Hood of Light which is a inter-medium between the Hierarchy of Light and humans. They are found both in the spirit world as well as in the physical.

Our older sisters and brothers are those beings who have come to this planet to serve a 100% and they come more evolved then others. These beings are just like the ordinary human and come here to learn and make mistakes etc, however they seem to have a much deeper Knowledge and Understanding of life then the rest of us. They become like magnets of truth and love and light and people seek this, the people have forgotten this and they need these tools of power in their lives. They see these things in these Gods appointed beings and they are drawn to them for this reason. It is also the essence of their work here on this planet to watch over and guide all beings of light as they go through this lesson of density. We are all going up the ladder of evolution trying to reach the Adam Kadmon and these brothers and sisters have come here to help us evolve. What qualifies them is the fact that they have walked a little bit further on this path then most however they are human and make human mistakes. This is often confusing to the seeker since it is considered normal that such a being should be perfect in some way. They are mistaken with the general concept of a Guru who leads the people but these beings are not such Gurus, they are at best your Guide!

It is very important for you dear reader of this article that you do not misunderstand these words. These older siblings of ours are not more perfect then you and they are here to serve “you”, not to be your salvation in any shape or form, not your guru and not to give you the answers to the questions of life. The best marker of a true Guide that has been sent from the Brother and Sisterhood of Light is one that helps you find all the answers within. Lets you figure things out and become your own teacher and guru, but guides you to a more calmer state, a more productive state of being. These guides should not be worshiped, not put on a pedestal, they are your servants in all things and they will do what is needed to help you, if you so ask. It is important that you allow these Guides to be human so that you may be human. This in fact is the purpose of this physical existence, to learn from this physical life. We are not here to have a Spiritual Experience, we are already an eternal spirit, we have never been born and we can never die. Instead we are here to have a Physical Experience and learn how to master this realm of life. These Guides are just humans and will help you understand your spiritual nature so that you may master the physical one. They are already masters of this world even though they make mistakes as all humans do so the they can learn more about this existence. We are all here to learn and we are all each others teachers!

Then there are those who are greater then most, the highest evolved beings that come to this planet, these beings help humans evolve in a major way and these guides usually become the object of religious worship, even though they never meant that to be their purpose. Beings like Hermes Trismetigus who is known as Hermes and is the father of Hermetic Arts or the arts of Purity of Mind and Heart, Jesus from Nazareth who became the Christ and taught us about Love, Service and Sacrifice, Gautama Siddharta who became the Buddha and taught us about Enlightenment through the quiet mind and how the mind is not to be trusted since it is polluted, Salomon son of David who became King Salomon and brought true Magick and Wisdom to the world through the teachings of Balance, Krishna Mathura who became the Vasudeva Krishna and taught us about Creating a life leading to Perfection, Li Er who became Lao Tse
( Laozi ) who showed us the depth of the mind, Abu I-Qasim Muhammad ibn `Abd Allah al-Hasihimi al-Qurashi who is know as Mohammed who taught us about Pure Religion as the pure worship of God and others. And even these came here as servants and they proclaimed this to the people, they served, they lived and they died for the people. In the Hierarchy of Light and the Brother and Sisterhood of Light the higher you are the more service you do!

Let me lead you back to the Mystery School and its purpose. The fact is found in history that the teachings of these beings mentioned above have all been used to control the people, the masses that do not have access to the inner teachings. This has been done through what is known as organized religion or through groups that claim to have the truth, self made gurus and masters that make grand promises to the people of salvation and peace. The Mystery School has through the ages fought this kind of malicious use of the old teachings and offers “only” self empowerment and true inner peace through Personal Freedom and development of own Will. The Mystery School has operated in the background as spiritual guardians, always ready to serve. The teachings are to support and enable your will to work more independent and indeed question all things in a positive way that will bring you peace and salvation that you have achieved on your own. We don’t need no false/fools control. We stress the fact that we are really not teaching you anything but instead are handing down tools that have been proven through time to unlock the door that keeps you away from your accessing your own knowledge and inner wisdom.
We help you become the captain of your own vessel.

Those who seek knowledge and understanding of the mysteries of life through the Mystery School tradition truly start seeing the value in this path, when the tools of the school start working in their lives. They notice that they are “not” being controlled or led to follow anyone or anything they do not want to believe in. Free will is very important in this tradition and people are given the choice to become leaders in this community of seekers. They are given space to express their needs and wants and ask and question all they want. This is very important to those who want empowerment and seek enlightenment in their life so that they can live a full life of light and in light. We are sometimes called the University of Light workers because we train those who want to lead this work and those who feel like they want to be in more service then before. Entering the teachings of a Mystery School is indeed choosing a new profession for one self and therefore this is a path of true Light work!

The first contact with this ancient phenomenon usually starts with the seeker who gets some services from one of the many healing modalities or seminars that the Mystery School tradition has to offer. Then they take partake of the First Fruit from the Tree of Life and become Initiated into the Great White Brother and Sister Hood of Light and get the full protection from the Hierarchy of Light. This begins the Initiatory Path for real and the seeker will feel different, in most cases, from this simple but unique ceremony. Then they partake of the next fruit and the next step and Initiation on the Initiatory Path which is the Teachers and Healers Program, which is the true University where they learn skills and arts to use as tools to make a living at this. These tools that are handed down are ancient ones, some that have been tested through time and have stood the tests of time for over 3000 years now. After this program and training the seeker can partake of many different fruits of the tree of life, there are many options in this school. We have many different incredible healing modalities both for physical healing and mental healing. There are many things they can learn to teach as well and serve in that capacity.

The higher one becomes as an Initiate the more service one does as we mentioned above. This requires more training and more dedication as one receives higher Initiations and powers. This in turn gives you the opportunity to serve God and Humanity more. Most of this service is unseen and example the Ritual Master path is a path that has much unseen service within it. The masses will never know what kind of work these individuals are doing behind the scenes so that the masses can sleep safe at night. This path is shrouded in the mist of mystery and indicates a path that is not for most people as it demands incredible discipline and dedication. To serve at the outer realms of reality and keep us all safe from the negative forces one needs to be trained like a special forces Spiritual Warrior. The bottom line is this, a seeker who comes to this tradition will not learn to follow others, but to follow his/her heart in serving humanity and becomes too strong to be a part of a cult where their free will is not honored. The seeker is required so much self discipline that there is no way that they would stay in this school unless it was rewarding enough for them.

This is why we have so many who stay with us for years and still many who come all the time. We have continuous teachings that deepen the knowledge and understanding of the seeker and this is important to them, this is why they stay with us and why they tell others about us. The Mystery School has a long lineage of teachings and service to humanity and we learn to eliminate the ego so that we may serve as high as we can and please God above and God within. We are not a cult that controls people but we allow them to become leaders in this community. We are not a religion that tells them how to worship or who to worship but instead we ask them to be free to chose any religion and any way of worship they want and we will support that. We are not a philosophy that makes the seeker do bad things but we teach Love and Light in all things, true service to humanity in humbleness and honor for all beings of Light. We Love all and Accept all!

We hope that this article has explained a few things to you and we hope that you have more clarity and light regarding our school and its leaders and activities. It is our dream that all people have peace and love in their lives and that all humans live in abundance and joy always. May you be blessed in all your participations of this path of life and may you have inner peace and a quiet mind so that you can live a life of love. We honor you and we accept you for who you are and we hope you can do the same for us.

Many blessings to you.
Gudni GED Gudnason RM.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Why choose a Mystery School?

Dear fellow travelers on this path,
I have not spoken with you for some time now... busy, busy, busy. We have been working on the international expansion of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School and its many other facets. There is a lot of work to be done in a Mystery School and it involves a lot of travel for me as you can all see on my schedule. It has been good and I have met a lot of good new people who are joining our crusade, people who are not interested in politics nor negativity, just ready to work and it is a great pleasure to serve people like that.

We are seeing the school expand greatly in areas like Ireland, England, South Africa, Taiwan, Singapore and other areas. The growth continues in Canada where the miracles pop every day and the US and Japan are at a steady jazzed rhythm where our programs have never been bigger. In the US we just opened a new large center in Seattle and New York has gotten a Temple space and is in the process of opening a center in Manhattan. This with the already established centers in Toronto, Los Angeles and Florida has made a huge difference in our work. In Japan we just expanded our Head Quarters and doubled the teaching space, giving us a dedicated room for Temple and Higher Magickal study and practice. We are now almost to a 10.000 square foot facility, hosting two large teachings rooms, two healing rooms, office, Temple area and kitchen and with more staff then before manning the facility.

In the last year we have had some turmoil in the organization. In the wake of my divorce many have taken up an attitude against or for. Some have decided to live in negativity and judgement. So be it. It is always interesting to me to see what people do instead of doing the work. The excuses are so many and here is one more. I am sorry that this caused some of you to use it as an excuse, but hey, you would have found something else anyway. The sad thing is that people are judging the Mystery School from all this, from personal things happening between two people who went through a bad period in their lives. Not fair! We don't judge you for your own personal life.

In this moment I would like to ask you all a question: Why choose a Mystery School? There are a lot of things we could say and there is a lot that has been said, but what is it that we truly seek when we come to a Mystery School to study the most important things in the universe? I can't answer this for all of you but I can express what I feel, since I was once a student of this school and also what other students have told me through the 30 years of my teaching career. Yes, this year marks thirty years of my teaching the sacred arts and it feels like many lifetimes, but it has been good.

One of the BIGGEST reason why I joined the Mystery School is the fact that the teachings and the tools are HANDED DOWN WITH TRUE AUTHORITY AND TRUE LINEAGE from a master to a student that then becomes a master later in life. This handing down is the most important part of the Mystery School and it is vital that the LINEAGE IS UNBROKEN. Most of my students through the years have told me that this is the most important thing since this is an ancient lineage and not some made up new age stuff that serves no one. They feel like this is the blanket that keeps them warm and tells them that they have come home! This fact alone is enough to view when making the choice of coming to a Mystery School. So it is VERY important that these handing downs are done with TRUE AUTHORITY and that they are coming from a master with TRUE LINEAGE.

In the wake of my divorce there are those who are teaching and handing down TOOLS which they are not authorized to do. This means that they are creating darkness and evil in peoples' lives and not Light like they say. The programs that are being offered like this and are not authorized are GUIDE INITIATION, TEACHERS PROGRAM, RITUAL MASTER PROGRAM, ADAM KADMON ACTIVATORS, and more. This means for example that whoever is Initiated as a Guide by these people will go out and Initiate Adepts who then are NOT adepts. They fool their own people and they say that they are bringing them into the Light but they are not. So the evil grows and these people who claim that they have the authority again initiate these people to Teachers level and again they go out and do work with their clients which again does not bring in Light and then there they are again initiating these people to Ritual Master and again they will do work they think is from the Light.







The simple fact is that even though I am trying to hand down the tools as fast as I can. However, because of the huge expansion in the Mystery School there are still tools that ONLY I am authorized to hand down. The tools that only I am authorized to hand down are: RITUAL MASTER PROGRAM, GUIDE PROGRAM, TEACHERS PROGRAM, ADAM KADMON ACTIVATORS, KABBALAH TEACHERS CERTIFICATION, ENSOFIC RAY HEALING MODALITY, KING SALOMON HEALING MODALITY, EHTERIC SURGERY, EXORCISM , SPARK OF LIFE HEALING MODALITY, INTERSTELLAR CHANNELING AND MORE.


Right now I am starting a program where I will actively hand down some of these so that the load is lighter on me and so that we can serve in a greater capacity. The progress of the Mystery School is now being slowed down because I am only one man so the goal is to get these higher level programs handed down as fast as we can. We do not want those who are misguided by those who do not have the authority and lineage to be hurt, so I am working as hard on this as I can. There are those who are fooled by this New Age Pop Up and we need to protect them. I will work as hard as I can to hand this down to the "right people". But again, as of this date NO ONE ELSE CAN HAND THESE TOOLS DOWN! I have not handed them down to anyone either through marriage nor through certification!Those who do get these tools handed down to them will be people who are worthy of that through their own work.

The ones that are doing this work are doing it from PURE GREED and not from PURE SERVICE. No one can truly doubt that I am not doing true service, you only need to look at my schedule to see that for the truth. So we are the TRUE Mystery School and we are people of service and not greed. Do we want money? Yes of course, we have many plans of business and we do charge well for our services BUT we also contribute to those who need us and much of the energy that we receive is given to others. We are truly here to serve!

Technically people can take any of the seminars that we teach and teach them to other people, even under a new name or put another name in-front like NEW or NEO. They will use their anger towards me and say that I am not from integrity so it is ok that they are not since taking seminars that you are not authorized to teach and teaching them is totally out of integrity.

I wish to remind you that I am not the Mystery School and I am not the only one who is a leader of this Mystery School. We have 12 leaders in the US and 12 leaders in Japan who are all amazing people who are doing good work. We rely on the fact that most people have honor and integrity so that this is never a problem. It has become a problem today. Many are not acting with honor and have forgotten why it is we are doing all this; LIGHT!

Please don't be a supporter of this evil that has arisen amongst us! Please chose light and love and not negativity and judgement. Don't support a system that breeds evil and fools people into a false sense of security and light. Choose instead The Rocky Mountain Mystery Schools' true lineage under the guidance of Gudni Gudnason and RMMS Leadership that truly brings Light and Love to peoples lives through a TRUE LINEAGE of HANDED DOWN TOOLS.

I spent 16 years full time study with the Hermetic Order and I was given the SACRED TEACHINGS and THE SACRED TOOLS and these are the ones I am handing down to you at this moment! Please stay worthy of receiving them and don't live in Judgement and Negativity! This path of negativity slows down the progress that we have made in the past 30 years and we are now finally coming to a very good point in the work. Calling in this negativity and darkness is slowing down Gods plans. Remember, I told you all that you would wander in darkness, you would be misguided and that I would lie to you to get you of the path, this is what I promised you in the beginning. It is interesting that you now judge me for the things I told you I would do. Instead of just doing your job and fulfilling your contract you chose negativity and judgement. Predictable to say the least, my dear humans!

Don't contribute to the darkness that we are already fighting, stay a Warrior of Light, stay on the path no matter what I say or do. After all this is a path about you and not me, it is about your path not mine. If you need to judge then judge yourself and then find a way back to light. Remember one thing, the Hierarchy of Light does not change their mind so easily and 7 Mystery Schools has been enough for them for a few thousand years, why would they change that now? There is no need for more Mystery Schools especially when the ones that are here are not open, except ours. If they where all open then perhaps there was a need for more.

Why do you focus on me? Am I perfect: NO! I am a human, can you allow me to be human? Why judge me? That is easy. I have made many mistakes in my life. And then again I have also accomplished many things in my life, I have lived life and not been scared of taking risks, therefore I have made mistakes but they have all been tools that have made me who I am today. And as such I have created the forum which you all have benefitted from as seekers of Light.

Why not judge your self instead, you are not perfect either. You judge me and yet all that is called Rocky Mountain MysterySchool and its affiliated companies have come from me, I was the one who brought all this from Europe to America. I grew this organization and made the opportunity happen that helped you come to Light. I facilitated God's work! Judge me for that? I am not important, the message of HOPE is. The Mystery School stands for HOPE and LOVE AND LIGHT! That is our banner and now thousands of people hold that banner high.
Some of them don't even know who I am. Like at our own Health Expo in Yokohama this year when a young Adept started telling me all about Antimony. This Mystery School is YOUR Mystery School, don't let negativity and judgement tear it down!

I hope that you remember LIGHT and I hope that you are choosing POSITIVE LIFE and a life FREE FROM JUDGEMENT. I hope that you chose to follow an ancient lineage of HANDED DOWN TOOLS instead of a New Age Pop Up that claims New Mystery Schools and a New Way of doing things according to an Archangel that we all know is not channeling to humans any more!

I hope for your future, that it may be bright with Abundance and much Love and Light.

Yours in Service Always,
Gudni GED Gudnason RM.

PS Oh By the way, I was s¥wondeing about your Ritual Master implants??? Did you get
the nose or the anal one? hahahahahahaha any ways guys, get real, resiously those who dont want to be Ritual Masters any more it is a simple process, there is ni implant that someone needs to REMOVE with Etheric Surgery. Here is the procedure:

You CHOSE to be a RM by YOUR WILL ALONE and you remained one by YOUR WILL ALONE . SO By YOUR WILL ALONE you can just ask me as your Ritual Master Teacher to take you off the list and have the Hierarchy of Light and the High Counsel of GOR stop monitoring you and it is done!By YOUR WILL ALONE you are no longer a RITUAL MASTER!
Simple, there are no implants!!!!

"It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotion, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement and who, at worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat".

Theodore Roosevelt ( 1858 - 1919 ).

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Keys That Touch Your Inner Soul

Dear Students of The Rocky Mountain Mystery School,

I hope that this e-mail finds you all in good spirits, holding your Light and Love strong with the flow of abundance and joy in your lives. I greet you from a magickal place of the Samurai, these once fierce warriors who have turned to the arts to express their devotion to life. They created ways to make tea in a spiritual way, to dress in many layers of fine silk, to talk and write poems and even their own language became an expression of something "perfect" as they used the words or letters to create a key that would touch their inner soul. This all despite the regular arts of literature, painting and sculpture. These warriors, men and women, put down the sword for more noble things. Should we do the same? Are we as warriors ready to put down our weapons of ritual mastery and take up more noble ways of an expression of life? To answer that we would have to answer these questions: Are we totally 100% satisfied with the world as it is? Do we feel that their is 'no' evil left on this planet?

We are here in Japan on a special mountain seeing a new group of third steppers come through the grapevine and thus witnessing another level of the evolution of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School. My mind goes back in time and I wonder how Salomon must have felt at this same venture, perhaps he would felt like I do; proud of his students who have finally realized that they are NOT my students any more and have come to an empowerment point in their lives. Every time a group goes through this level the entire school is enhanced and ripples of good energy flow through for everyone to partake of. This heightens the level of magick that the school can carry so we thank these new third steppers for their contribution to the Light of this School. Namaste!

As to the first question I posed, no we are not there, the world is not perfect and there is no doubt that there is evil still here on this planet. The efforts of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School are for that purpose, of fighting this evil, eliminating the overflow of this until we can be safe, until we are "ascended" enough so that we need not fear or live in fear. It is a constant battle that will help all of humanity in this time of turmoil. It is a battle of Love and Light, as we use the tools of Power that have been handed down to us from the ages. It is interesting dear fellow travelers, to see the world as it turns and notice the things that people spend their time on. We are in a transition from Evil to Good and it is amazing how many are resisting this. Ego is a curious thing: E-dging G-od O-ut, and that is what it truly is. As such we are God and indeed we then edge our selves out, we eliminate ourselves as true beings of Light and we become like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings series, hiding in the shadows.

We edge God out and indeed we have less connection to God as we or our Ego takes over more and more. This results in the fact that we will have a unfulfilled life, we will feel like our expectations are not met and we will become angry and frustrated, we will become Evil to the world. It is a sad moment to see that happen but it is happening a lot to so many good people. They listen to the teachings of other Ego filled people and they fall for the trap of 'joining' the force of evil and before you know it there is a coven of evil doers running around thinking that they are the truth bearers, that they are the only ones in the Light. But Light is all powerful and does not accept these beings, they will not succeed! This is the same story as in Stars Wars with Annakin Skywalker who turned to become Dart Vader, thinking that he was doing the right thing. He was on a mission of Light until it was too late.

In the Light, things of the dark cannot survive, so it squirms and toils. It makes an effort to destroy that which is of the Light and attack those who are working in the Light. They can not stand that they are the only ones left in the Dark and Evil Existence that they have created for themselves. They live in a negative world where ONLY their own EGO is master and lord. For it is by their will alone (not Gods) that they set their mind in motion and that is a sad thing indeed. There is no Valor or Honor or Discipline nor Dedication and absolutely no LOYALTY to the Light and to the service to GOD and Humans. Loyalty above all except honor is our code! These other people are only interested in Rumors, Judgement, Spitefulness, Backstabbing, fear based lives and all in all, living a very negative life. This is a sad fact but, it is the truth!

So the TRUTH...this is a curious thing is it not? Many of these individuals have attacked my person, our leadership and the integrity of this Mystery School, so they therefore are attacking the validity of ALL initiations that have come from my lineage, that means yours. In a sense they are saying that you are not initiated and that what ever you felt from my teachings and initiations: you just made it all up. Hmmmmmmmm .... You may not or you may have heard about these attacks, which ever, I ask you for patience as I go over these things, it is important that I address these attacks since they are not personal any more, they are an attack on the school and therefore all of you. I kept silent for a long time as I was being personally attacked but this is not personal any more. I can not keep silent any longer!

They have questioned my TRUTH in who and what I am. In the Mystery School we teach you that these questions are important for you to answer on your own, for yourself and your own evolution. To answer them for others is not that important except perhaps to a life long mate or those you chose to have as your partner for life. Otherwise it is your own truth that matters. Some of these people have proclaimed that I am a fake! That I do not have the credentials that I say I have and that I am making things up to make myself look better. Like when we dress up to impress a boss or that important business contact. Do I wrap myself in a flowery blanket to look better? I have only one thing to say to that: YES I DO. It is a fact that I do make myself look the best I can and I have created an image that is good looking. Is that a crime to your heart? Do you not do the same every day in your life? Do you go out in the world with your hair a mess and your clothes disheveled? Or do you make yourself the most presentable that you can.

I have done the things that I say I have done, BUT let's for a moment imagine that I am the Wizard of OZ. He, as you know, was a fake. He had no true powers, BUT he did create magick because the people believed in him. If I am the Wizard then let me ask you: What Have I Done For Your Life? What has the fact that I brought this Salomon Lineage to North America and Japan and you joined this 3000 year old lineage, what has that meant in your life? If I have done nothing to improve your life then I am a fake to you, but if what I have brought to North America and Japan, and now all over the world, has done anything good for you and created a good thing in your life or as so many say "changed my life to the better', then perhaps I should not wear that stupid hat of OZ. Perhaps it does not matter who and what I am in your life, perhaps it only matters who and what you are? Perhaps the message is more important then the messenger. If that's the case, then the truth is revealed in how your lives have been enriched by the teachings of the Mystery School.

In the past history of the Mystery Schools the Golden Dawn and its prominent leadership were attacked big time. In the last days of the Golden Dawn several important members where accused of different things and had to go to court to defend their honor. These where all pumped up lies that where a deliberate attack on the Mystery School, and an attempt by members of the school to take the school down and build a new school based on the teachings of those people and not based on the lineage that we hold so dear. These members were angry and lived by fear and unmet expectations. They saw who lead them and thought they knew better. Thought 'their' guidance was more 'accurate' then the great teachers that had been leading and teaching them, that had created the very foundation which they and many others based their lives on. Their expectations where never met because of their own lack of ability to eliminate their own EGO, so they became destroyers, living day by day from a negative source, like Darth Vader!

They created doubt in the foundation of the school by throwing out accusations that the school was never truly founded by the "right" people and that someone else should have been the one to truly establish the school. They gave "evidence" to the facts that the Cypher Manuscripts and the Fama where fake and that this was therefore not a valid school. When this failed, (since the Fama and the Cypher Manuscripts both had been evaluated by both the British Museum and the British Library), they attacked the founders. They proclaimed that they where never handed down the true keys to this work. This again failed since this invalidated everyone in the school and the evidence of true magickal manifestations in the lives of most members of the Golden Dawn was evident. The members manifested magickal things in their lives and they where not ready to discard that because of such claims. Their bottom line was that they did not care if this was a true lineaged school or not, it had changed their lives to the better.

Then they tried to use the legal system. Sir Macgregor Mathers was accused of Sexual Misconduct (even though he and his wife lived a celibate lifestyle), he was found not guilty. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the famour writer/creator of Sherlock Holmes was accused of rape and he was found not guilty. Dr W.W. Westcott was accused of Sexual Misconduct and financial embesselment, he was found not guilty on both accounts. Alisteir Crowley was accused of sexual misconduct and was found not guilty from the lack of evidence. W.B. Yeats, the famous Irish poet, was accused of sexual misconduct and rape was found not guilty. Even the incredible Dion Fortune was accused of sexual misconduct during a private session and was found not guilty in court. And then it was the famous case of Moira Mathers, one of the founders of the Golden Dawn and the wife of Macgregor Mathers who is the ONLY person in history that was accused of murder with Psychic powers alone. This was a very famous case in England and well documented at the time.

Is the Rocky Mountain Mystery School there? Are we going to go underground because of attacks? NO, not at this time and indeed not at any time, we will fight for our right to claim NO MORE SECRETS and we will meet any adversary in court or other wise if need be. We will prevail and we will be victorious! We will not let the people down and we will stay open for their benefit.

If these kinds of attacks start just remember to stay focused on your path and do not listen to gossip and evil talk as this is the way that evil works. You have a choice between negative energy and LIGHT Energy, light does not talk badly about anyone nor judges anyone, it keeps it self clean of all such things. Light does not feel victimize or assign blame. We battle this evil by being loving and positive in all things and make sure that we keep our selves pure on the right path of light. Having said that, sometimes it is necessary to clean house and get the parasites out of the system so that the Light may flow in a better way and for that we sometimes must create a battle plan, kind of like when we make a plan of action to get things done. Sometimes it is a time to fight. This is the time for such a Battle Plan, this is a time to fight!

We are seeing 'new age' parasites coming into the Rocky Mountain Mystery School, the only one of the seven mystery schools that is open and is therefore truly serving the people directly and these parasites are going to try to destroy the school and stop that important service. They introduce what they call "new and better things" but indeed they are things only created by these parasites for their own benefit and these things have not been handed down through the ages like most of the tools that we use. These things come from the ego of these parasites minds and have no proof to work or even being of the light. WE WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! We will defend the school and its Light to the world and we will take action against these parasites. We are drawing a line in the sand. We will no longer take any attack by an individual or group with a passive demeanor. WE WILL DEFEND OURSELVES!!

These individuals have in the past proven that they want to tear down the good work of this school and have been very negative towards us. Evil is amongst us dear friends, and this time it is starting from within the school, we have opened the gates and they are streaming in to destroy and plunder and take. It is an attempted "Hostile Take Over" by parasites of Evil! We ALL must take up arms and fight! Firstly by speaking our truth, saying no to these entities that have never been "friends of the Mystery School" but evil in sheep's clothing that has come and taken what they wanted and left without so much as a thank you. This is like the battle for Zion in the Matrix.

The Gates have been left open unintentionally as we are feeling our way through a transition that's happening with me and Laurie as the old leadership of the RMMS. These people are taking advantage of the fact that we are finalizing a divorce and are coming to attack what they think is a vulnerable situation, and attempt to destroy us! Their goals are to end the work of this Mystery School and form their own little coven. They do this because 'their guidance has told them it is so'. They truly believe that they are doing the right thing and are blinded by their own fears. Perhaps their guidance is not so clear as they at the same time must use tools of anger and attack those who are of light. Many of the old students who have let their egos take over and have strayed away from the true teachings have, out of spite and anger, banded together. Those that this school either turned away or simply said you may go no further, have teamed together. They see weakness where we have hidden our strength.

We will NOT let them take us down, we will fight for our right to serve God and humans alike and to be happy and seek this Light! These parasites try to take your attention away from the truth of our reality on this planet and want you to focus on some celestial new age mumbo jumbo that has no truth to it. They want you to look away as evil sets in and takes over your lives. They say that Evil is gone from the planet, but some one forgot to tell evil about that. There is no "magickal belt" that has come and eliminated evil and we are still in the battle for our Light. In order to get the parasites out we have created a battle plan and the first thing is the flow of information.

I'm happy to announce our NEW WEBSITE:

Here you will get CORRECT information about the seminars and programs that the Rocky Mountain Mystery School offers around the world and a list of those truly dedicated to this school and its mission on this planet, there will be a list of Guides and Third Steppers as well as Teachers who are Initiated in the true lineage. This list indicates those who are still on this path and have not fallen away and are authorized by the school into the true lineage of Salomon.


The fact is that we will not let the HOLINESS OF THE INITIATIONS fall into the hands of parasites and this is happening with some foundational teachings such as the Teachers Program, Ritual Master Program and the Adept Initiation. There are those who are giving them selves the authority to do these initiations without being authorized to do so. So from now on, if the student wants the higher teachings they need to go through me for these teachings and they will not be accepted as being in the true lineage of this school if they get these Initiations somewhere else. If they want the higher teachings they need to go through the correct channels! At the moment I am the ONLY one who can do the Ritual Master program. There are other seminars and programs which other teachers are authorized to do and the new website will clearly list these. The list will have those who are Truly Certified to do the work and what work they are certified to do. The site also has links to those Light Centers that are dedicated to the Light.

You can also go to my own website and see what I am doing and my schedule for the year around the world:

As you can see the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT keeps me pretty busy and indeed the school is in huge demand and is going through explosive growth right now. The RMMS is truly holding and presenting the Light and we are needed on this planet today! Evil may be amongst us but SO IS GOOD and we will be victorious in our efforts, no matter what. Do not lose hope dear friends, be strong and stay POSITIVE and watch your mind for negative patterns, weave ONLY good patterns and your life will be good.

I send you all my love and my deepest honor for your path, I accept and allow all of you to be who you are and I wish you the best of life with passion and good fortune.

With LOVE and LIGHT,
Your humble servant,
Gudni GED Gudnason RM
Headmaster / Grand Master Teacher of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School

Monday, August 14, 2006


Dear Students,
I write to you from the shores of South Africa as I sit here and look at the infamous Cape. I ponder the many who went around this cape, often a dangerous journey and many died trying. It was a long trip from Europe to India to capture the precious spices and silk and bring it home to make a profit. These pioneers were driven by a passion for profit and adventure. I find myself asking what drives you, the students of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School, where does your passion take you?

I hope it is Light and Love and good feelings and emotions, good energy, positive energy, a HOPE that you bring to others, these are the things we are about, not negativity, rumors and backstabbing. We are about Light and service, Love and passion for God and this life God gave us.

Over the years, I have seen the need to explain the Mystery School many times and at this time it is from both a personal and professional point of view.

To begin with the rumors are correct that Laurie and I have separated and we are going through a divorce. The circumstances of our divorce are our own private business and we ask that this matter be honored as such. We have a private life and we both ask that all of you, as students and light workers respect that as you would like your own private lives respected.

I have been living in Japan since last December and been very busy with both Japan and the US as well as opening up new areas such as South Africa, Ireland, England, Taiwan and other places. I keep on being dedicated to the Mystery School as I have been for almost the last thirty years and I will be until the day I leave this planet to other adventures in the Spirit world.

As to what drives you: I would hope that what drives you and makes you take risks and go forward with bravery and honor is the ‘Holy Grail’ of the Mystery School: HIGHER MAGICKAL SERVICE! This service is something that can ONLY be accomplished by HIGHER MAGICK even though the foundational magick is important it does not serve humans on a global scale. One of the major tools of the Higher Magickal Services is: The ENOCHIAN TEMPLE! As all the third steppers can tell you, this is the NUMBER ONE reason why you are a Ritual Master and the only reason why to go on to Higher Magick. This work is so important for the world and if we stop that now we are doomed.

This is the time when Satan will try to stop us and stop the work as much as he can. He will convince you that there is no need for temple work and the Higher Magick. This is being done so that we will have fewer trained Ritual Masters to fight Satan’s Evil on this planet. He will plant things of doubt and fear in you minds and set in motion forces of evil to stop the good that we are already doing. The RMMS is truly doing Higher Magickal Service to humanity all the time. We have people out in the field right now as we speak, such as a team of High Initiates who are in London right now and have been there for several days working their incredible magick with directions from me here in the Enochian Temple in Tokyo. They have set in motion energy that stopped another 9/11 from happening at Heathrow airport. Yoda san, our teacher of our Holy Blood classes, will report in detail at another time as she is leading this team.

Luisa is in the Philippines doing magickal work in the temple there (we have a full Enochian Temple outside Manila) and she is holding the South Gate for all women, she is working with a group of women on many magickal projects. A team of highly trained Third Steppers are traveling around in the US Griding certain areas so that Evil can not flow as before when it is released from its Gate. There are many other teams doing work all the time, highly motivated and well trained individuals who go around the Cape in search of new adventures but they bring home SERVICE to all humans, they keep the gates locked and sealed so that evil does not come into the world of regular humans. They defend our borders so that their fellow humans, the innocents, can sleep at night!

We are doing good work all the time and for this work we need higher initiates that are properly trained. But Satan is a smart man and he plants these thoughts and rumors and negativity in your minds about me (which is what I told you in the beginning, you will learn to hate me and you will blame me for quitting and everything else) about the school and how it does not have the authority any more (I ask then how come the HIERARCHY is blessing us with all these new people coming in, they can’t all be wrong and out of tune with their higher self!) and about the higher magickal services (that they are no longer needed?)

What has changed since last year, or yesterday, NOTHING!!! We are still in the battles of earth and heaven, we have not entered through some ‘magickal field’ that has taken away the evil on the planet, if this so then someone needs to tell evil about it because they are still hammering us; ergo the world situation today (1- 666-call evil, in case you don’t have the number).
At this time when Laurie and I are separated there are many who have come in and are trying to create Chaos and draw people to one or the other. I ask that you to NOT do so, Laurie and I do not want people to choose, there is nothing to choose between, we will still both be here and serve you as before, and the most important thing to remember is that the school is not Laurie’s or mine but it is the HIERARCHYS School and YOUR SCHOOL!

Laurie and I are here only to serve you and even though we do not do this together anymore we are still doing it. I will be traveling more then ever, Laurie is focusing on the incredible WICCA, Foundational Magick and Channeling School.

My travels will take me all around the US to such places as: The East coast; New York with Lorraine Hendrich, Hannah Bajor, Chip Thermer, Gretchen Thermer, Sandra Reed at the helm, Florida with Lani Flemming and Laurie a dynamic duo. The West coast; LA with John Evans, Elizabeth Selden and Thad Carlson that have opened a fantastic new center and store in down town LA and of course, Seattle with Verla Wade, Theresa Bullard and their incredible team. Then we have Toronto under the leadership of Dave Lanyon and his team who have been the driving force in our North America operations/oversight and especially our New Magus newsletter ( – newsletter tab), which you will be seeing regularly.

I will be traveling to all of these places on a regular basis to teach both new and exciting seminars never seen before in the US and handing down the Higher Magickal trainings. We will conduct Temples in each area and training for these. These areas have committed to opening a temple as soon as we have the numbers to support that but until then we will have the training in Enochian, Egyptian and Goethian Magick. These are your next steps in High Magick!I as well will be traveling to distant shores. This year we brought the teachings to South Africa, and it felt like coming home, specially with the Mermaids inviting us and welcoming us into the area. This is where it all began, in Africa, and I could feel the power of Queen Sheba and King Salomon in the ground there. They had a home close to the Cape. I am also going back home to my ancestral place or at least half of my ancestors are from Ireland. We will be conducting Teachers Program in October in Ireland and it is very exciting to see how many are coming in to the school over in Leprechaun country.

We are also doing some work in London and that is weird, to come home to the beginning from the Golden Dawn and teach in that city again. In December I will be in Taiwan to bring these teachings to the children of Tara and Quan Yin. These are exciting times and so much is happening with our school that all of us should be in good spirits, be happy and
scrape off the negativity and evil that is attacking us and trying to drag us down.

All this work is being done under the direction of the Hierarchy of Light and we need to be in DIRECT communication with the higher powers to be. This means that we need to learn their language which is the ENOCHIAN LANGUAGE! So I urge you to not partake in the rumors and slander that has arisen since my separation, negativity is always evil. Please continue to study well the higher magick taught in the school. In this way you can know for your self and talk directly to the higher beings without any medium or psychic telling you what they are saying. You need to know on your own. Please be in tune with your heart and listen to your soul NOT YOUR MIND, this one is so easily corrupted with rumors and evil. Stay strong and be Victorious!

Be brave and be kind to each other.

With much Love and Light

Gudni GED Gudnason RM
Headmaster Rocky Mountain Mystery School.