Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Regarding the Brother and Sisterhood of Light and
Why people are drawn to the teachings of a Mystery School:

This article is written in the hopes that you may understand why people chose to learn from a Mystery School and why this is not a cult, which so many people fear. This article explains the simple truths about who are the people behind the Mystery School and its tradition and how they “only” serve and do not seek to control the students. To begin with it is important that you know that we are not a religion and we do not represent any religion on this planet. We are not political nor are we of any type of sect or group with a specific philosophy that has in the past controlled people. We are a school and people come to learn from us and then they can leave any time at the end of their seminar, if they so chose. There are no members here!

As we humans seek for truth, joy, abundance, fulfillment, our place in life and so on, we search in many places. Humans have for centuries longed for more and they have been offered more by many. These have used their powers to control the seekers and in the greater scheme of things this is called evil. However sometimes the people have also had luck in finding the things that are good and that has usually been through something called the Mystery School tradition and we see that by the number of people who have been members of this tradition that have been very successful in their lives (see a partial list below). Even though the Mystery Schools have mostly been underground they have always brought many people to them, people who seek a sense of belonging to something true and good. People who wanted to do good in life found their way to these hidden schools, through some mystical way or by a charge of destiny some might proclaim.

Through out time the powers to be or God if you so want to call it, has chosen people to lead these schools and to redefine the actual direction that we as humans are taking. Free will is still in place but God can through Gods appointed servants give hints and suggestions that could shift the course of history. These beings are called from the time of their birth through an unmistakable process of evolution where they show their spiritual awakened state through extraordinary abilities that are often misunderstood by humans around them. They become isolated and afraid until they are taken in by other physical beings that are on the same path as they are. Then they come to stability and see a purpose with their lives. These beings are often referred to as our older sisters and brothers and they serve on the Brother and Sister Hood of Light which is a inter-medium between the Hierarchy of Light and humans. They are found both in the spirit world as well as in the physical.

Our older sisters and brothers are those beings who have come to this planet to serve a 100% and they come more evolved then others. These beings are just like the ordinary human and come here to learn and make mistakes etc, however they seem to have a much deeper Knowledge and Understanding of life then the rest of us. They become like magnets of truth and love and light and people seek this, the people have forgotten this and they need these tools of power in their lives. They see these things in these Gods appointed beings and they are drawn to them for this reason. It is also the essence of their work here on this planet to watch over and guide all beings of light as they go through this lesson of density. We are all going up the ladder of evolution trying to reach the Adam Kadmon and these brothers and sisters have come here to help us evolve. What qualifies them is the fact that they have walked a little bit further on this path then most however they are human and make human mistakes. This is often confusing to the seeker since it is considered normal that such a being should be perfect in some way. They are mistaken with the general concept of a Guru who leads the people but these beings are not such Gurus, they are at best your Guide!

It is very important for you dear reader of this article that you do not misunderstand these words. These older siblings of ours are not more perfect then you and they are here to serve “you”, not to be your salvation in any shape or form, not your guru and not to give you the answers to the questions of life. The best marker of a true Guide that has been sent from the Brother and Sisterhood of Light is one that helps you find all the answers within. Lets you figure things out and become your own teacher and guru, but guides you to a more calmer state, a more productive state of being. These guides should not be worshiped, not put on a pedestal, they are your servants in all things and they will do what is needed to help you, if you so ask. It is important that you allow these Guides to be human so that you may be human. This in fact is the purpose of this physical existence, to learn from this physical life. We are not here to have a Spiritual Experience, we are already an eternal spirit, we have never been born and we can never die. Instead we are here to have a Physical Experience and learn how to master this realm of life. These Guides are just humans and will help you understand your spiritual nature so that you may master the physical one. They are already masters of this world even though they make mistakes as all humans do so the they can learn more about this existence. We are all here to learn and we are all each others teachers!

Then there are those who are greater then most, the highest evolved beings that come to this planet, these beings help humans evolve in a major way and these guides usually become the object of religious worship, even though they never meant that to be their purpose. Beings like Hermes Trismetigus who is known as Hermes and is the father of Hermetic Arts or the arts of Purity of Mind and Heart, Jesus from Nazareth who became the Christ and taught us about Love, Service and Sacrifice, Gautama Siddharta who became the Buddha and taught us about Enlightenment through the quiet mind and how the mind is not to be trusted since it is polluted, Salomon son of David who became King Salomon and brought true Magick and Wisdom to the world through the teachings of Balance, Krishna Mathura who became the Vasudeva Krishna and taught us about Creating a life leading to Perfection, Li Er who became Lao Tse
( Laozi ) who showed us the depth of the mind, Abu I-Qasim Muhammad ibn `Abd Allah al-Hasihimi al-Qurashi who is know as Mohammed who taught us about Pure Religion as the pure worship of God and others. And even these came here as servants and they proclaimed this to the people, they served, they lived and they died for the people. In the Hierarchy of Light and the Brother and Sisterhood of Light the higher you are the more service you do!

Let me lead you back to the Mystery School and its purpose. The fact is found in history that the teachings of these beings mentioned above have all been used to control the people, the masses that do not have access to the inner teachings. This has been done through what is known as organized religion or through groups that claim to have the truth, self made gurus and masters that make grand promises to the people of salvation and peace. The Mystery School has through the ages fought this kind of malicious use of the old teachings and offers “only” self empowerment and true inner peace through Personal Freedom and development of own Will. The Mystery School has operated in the background as spiritual guardians, always ready to serve. The teachings are to support and enable your will to work more independent and indeed question all things in a positive way that will bring you peace and salvation that you have achieved on your own. We don’t need no false/fools control. We stress the fact that we are really not teaching you anything but instead are handing down tools that have been proven through time to unlock the door that keeps you away from your accessing your own knowledge and inner wisdom.
We help you become the captain of your own vessel.

Those who seek knowledge and understanding of the mysteries of life through the Mystery School tradition truly start seeing the value in this path, when the tools of the school start working in their lives. They notice that they are “not” being controlled or led to follow anyone or anything they do not want to believe in. Free will is very important in this tradition and people are given the choice to become leaders in this community of seekers. They are given space to express their needs and wants and ask and question all they want. This is very important to those who want empowerment and seek enlightenment in their life so that they can live a full life of light and in light. We are sometimes called the University of Light workers because we train those who want to lead this work and those who feel like they want to be in more service then before. Entering the teachings of a Mystery School is indeed choosing a new profession for one self and therefore this is a path of true Light work!

The first contact with this ancient phenomenon usually starts with the seeker who gets some services from one of the many healing modalities or seminars that the Mystery School tradition has to offer. Then they take partake of the First Fruit from the Tree of Life and become Initiated into the Great White Brother and Sister Hood of Light and get the full protection from the Hierarchy of Light. This begins the Initiatory Path for real and the seeker will feel different, in most cases, from this simple but unique ceremony. Then they partake of the next fruit and the next step and Initiation on the Initiatory Path which is the Teachers and Healers Program, which is the true University where they learn skills and arts to use as tools to make a living at this. These tools that are handed down are ancient ones, some that have been tested through time and have stood the tests of time for over 3000 years now. After this program and training the seeker can partake of many different fruits of the tree of life, there are many options in this school. We have many different incredible healing modalities both for physical healing and mental healing. There are many things they can learn to teach as well and serve in that capacity.

The higher one becomes as an Initiate the more service one does as we mentioned above. This requires more training and more dedication as one receives higher Initiations and powers. This in turn gives you the opportunity to serve God and Humanity more. Most of this service is unseen and example the Ritual Master path is a path that has much unseen service within it. The masses will never know what kind of work these individuals are doing behind the scenes so that the masses can sleep safe at night. This path is shrouded in the mist of mystery and indicates a path that is not for most people as it demands incredible discipline and dedication. To serve at the outer realms of reality and keep us all safe from the negative forces one needs to be trained like a special forces Spiritual Warrior. The bottom line is this, a seeker who comes to this tradition will not learn to follow others, but to follow his/her heart in serving humanity and becomes too strong to be a part of a cult where their free will is not honored. The seeker is required so much self discipline that there is no way that they would stay in this school unless it was rewarding enough for them.

This is why we have so many who stay with us for years and still many who come all the time. We have continuous teachings that deepen the knowledge and understanding of the seeker and this is important to them, this is why they stay with us and why they tell others about us. The Mystery School has a long lineage of teachings and service to humanity and we learn to eliminate the ego so that we may serve as high as we can and please God above and God within. We are not a cult that controls people but we allow them to become leaders in this community. We are not a religion that tells them how to worship or who to worship but instead we ask them to be free to chose any religion and any way of worship they want and we will support that. We are not a philosophy that makes the seeker do bad things but we teach Love and Light in all things, true service to humanity in humbleness and honor for all beings of Light. We Love all and Accept all!

We hope that this article has explained a few things to you and we hope that you have more clarity and light regarding our school and its leaders and activities. It is our dream that all people have peace and love in their lives and that all humans live in abundance and joy always. May you be blessed in all your participations of this path of life and may you have inner peace and a quiet mind so that you can live a life of love. We honor you and we accept you for who you are and we hope you can do the same for us.

Many blessings to you.
Gudni GED Gudnason RM.