Thursday, November 02, 2006

Keys That Touch Your Inner Soul

Dear Students of The Rocky Mountain Mystery School,

I hope that this e-mail finds you all in good spirits, holding your Light and Love strong with the flow of abundance and joy in your lives. I greet you from a magickal place of the Samurai, these once fierce warriors who have turned to the arts to express their devotion to life. They created ways to make tea in a spiritual way, to dress in many layers of fine silk, to talk and write poems and even their own language became an expression of something "perfect" as they used the words or letters to create a key that would touch their inner soul. This all despite the regular arts of literature, painting and sculpture. These warriors, men and women, put down the sword for more noble things. Should we do the same? Are we as warriors ready to put down our weapons of ritual mastery and take up more noble ways of an expression of life? To answer that we would have to answer these questions: Are we totally 100% satisfied with the world as it is? Do we feel that their is 'no' evil left on this planet?

We are here in Japan on a special mountain seeing a new group of third steppers come through the grapevine and thus witnessing another level of the evolution of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School. My mind goes back in time and I wonder how Salomon must have felt at this same venture, perhaps he would felt like I do; proud of his students who have finally realized that they are NOT my students any more and have come to an empowerment point in their lives. Every time a group goes through this level the entire school is enhanced and ripples of good energy flow through for everyone to partake of. This heightens the level of magick that the school can carry so we thank these new third steppers for their contribution to the Light of this School. Namaste!

As to the first question I posed, no we are not there, the world is not perfect and there is no doubt that there is evil still here on this planet. The efforts of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School are for that purpose, of fighting this evil, eliminating the overflow of this until we can be safe, until we are "ascended" enough so that we need not fear or live in fear. It is a constant battle that will help all of humanity in this time of turmoil. It is a battle of Love and Light, as we use the tools of Power that have been handed down to us from the ages. It is interesting dear fellow travelers, to see the world as it turns and notice the things that people spend their time on. We are in a transition from Evil to Good and it is amazing how many are resisting this. Ego is a curious thing: E-dging G-od O-ut, and that is what it truly is. As such we are God and indeed we then edge our selves out, we eliminate ourselves as true beings of Light and we become like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings series, hiding in the shadows.

We edge God out and indeed we have less connection to God as we or our Ego takes over more and more. This results in the fact that we will have a unfulfilled life, we will feel like our expectations are not met and we will become angry and frustrated, we will become Evil to the world. It is a sad moment to see that happen but it is happening a lot to so many good people. They listen to the teachings of other Ego filled people and they fall for the trap of 'joining' the force of evil and before you know it there is a coven of evil doers running around thinking that they are the truth bearers, that they are the only ones in the Light. But Light is all powerful and does not accept these beings, they will not succeed! This is the same story as in Stars Wars with Annakin Skywalker who turned to become Dart Vader, thinking that he was doing the right thing. He was on a mission of Light until it was too late.

In the Light, things of the dark cannot survive, so it squirms and toils. It makes an effort to destroy that which is of the Light and attack those who are working in the Light. They can not stand that they are the only ones left in the Dark and Evil Existence that they have created for themselves. They live in a negative world where ONLY their own EGO is master and lord. For it is by their will alone (not Gods) that they set their mind in motion and that is a sad thing indeed. There is no Valor or Honor or Discipline nor Dedication and absolutely no LOYALTY to the Light and to the service to GOD and Humans. Loyalty above all except honor is our code! These other people are only interested in Rumors, Judgement, Spitefulness, Backstabbing, fear based lives and all in all, living a very negative life. This is a sad fact but, it is the truth!

So the TRUTH...this is a curious thing is it not? Many of these individuals have attacked my person, our leadership and the integrity of this Mystery School, so they therefore are attacking the validity of ALL initiations that have come from my lineage, that means yours. In a sense they are saying that you are not initiated and that what ever you felt from my teachings and initiations: you just made it all up. Hmmmmmmmm .... You may not or you may have heard about these attacks, which ever, I ask you for patience as I go over these things, it is important that I address these attacks since they are not personal any more, they are an attack on the school and therefore all of you. I kept silent for a long time as I was being personally attacked but this is not personal any more. I can not keep silent any longer!

They have questioned my TRUTH in who and what I am. In the Mystery School we teach you that these questions are important for you to answer on your own, for yourself and your own evolution. To answer them for others is not that important except perhaps to a life long mate or those you chose to have as your partner for life. Otherwise it is your own truth that matters. Some of these people have proclaimed that I am a fake! That I do not have the credentials that I say I have and that I am making things up to make myself look better. Like when we dress up to impress a boss or that important business contact. Do I wrap myself in a flowery blanket to look better? I have only one thing to say to that: YES I DO. It is a fact that I do make myself look the best I can and I have created an image that is good looking. Is that a crime to your heart? Do you not do the same every day in your life? Do you go out in the world with your hair a mess and your clothes disheveled? Or do you make yourself the most presentable that you can.

I have done the things that I say I have done, BUT let's for a moment imagine that I am the Wizard of OZ. He, as you know, was a fake. He had no true powers, BUT he did create magick because the people believed in him. If I am the Wizard then let me ask you: What Have I Done For Your Life? What has the fact that I brought this Salomon Lineage to North America and Japan and you joined this 3000 year old lineage, what has that meant in your life? If I have done nothing to improve your life then I am a fake to you, but if what I have brought to North America and Japan, and now all over the world, has done anything good for you and created a good thing in your life or as so many say "changed my life to the better', then perhaps I should not wear that stupid hat of OZ. Perhaps it does not matter who and what I am in your life, perhaps it only matters who and what you are? Perhaps the message is more important then the messenger. If that's the case, then the truth is revealed in how your lives have been enriched by the teachings of the Mystery School.

In the past history of the Mystery Schools the Golden Dawn and its prominent leadership were attacked big time. In the last days of the Golden Dawn several important members where accused of different things and had to go to court to defend their honor. These where all pumped up lies that where a deliberate attack on the Mystery School, and an attempt by members of the school to take the school down and build a new school based on the teachings of those people and not based on the lineage that we hold so dear. These members were angry and lived by fear and unmet expectations. They saw who lead them and thought they knew better. Thought 'their' guidance was more 'accurate' then the great teachers that had been leading and teaching them, that had created the very foundation which they and many others based their lives on. Their expectations where never met because of their own lack of ability to eliminate their own EGO, so they became destroyers, living day by day from a negative source, like Darth Vader!

They created doubt in the foundation of the school by throwing out accusations that the school was never truly founded by the "right" people and that someone else should have been the one to truly establish the school. They gave "evidence" to the facts that the Cypher Manuscripts and the Fama where fake and that this was therefore not a valid school. When this failed, (since the Fama and the Cypher Manuscripts both had been evaluated by both the British Museum and the British Library), they attacked the founders. They proclaimed that they where never handed down the true keys to this work. This again failed since this invalidated everyone in the school and the evidence of true magickal manifestations in the lives of most members of the Golden Dawn was evident. The members manifested magickal things in their lives and they where not ready to discard that because of such claims. Their bottom line was that they did not care if this was a true lineaged school or not, it had changed their lives to the better.

Then they tried to use the legal system. Sir Macgregor Mathers was accused of Sexual Misconduct (even though he and his wife lived a celibate lifestyle), he was found not guilty. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the famour writer/creator of Sherlock Holmes was accused of rape and he was found not guilty. Dr W.W. Westcott was accused of Sexual Misconduct and financial embesselment, he was found not guilty on both accounts. Alisteir Crowley was accused of sexual misconduct and was found not guilty from the lack of evidence. W.B. Yeats, the famous Irish poet, was accused of sexual misconduct and rape was found not guilty. Even the incredible Dion Fortune was accused of sexual misconduct during a private session and was found not guilty in court. And then it was the famous case of Moira Mathers, one of the founders of the Golden Dawn and the wife of Macgregor Mathers who is the ONLY person in history that was accused of murder with Psychic powers alone. This was a very famous case in England and well documented at the time.

Is the Rocky Mountain Mystery School there? Are we going to go underground because of attacks? NO, not at this time and indeed not at any time, we will fight for our right to claim NO MORE SECRETS and we will meet any adversary in court or other wise if need be. We will prevail and we will be victorious! We will not let the people down and we will stay open for their benefit.

If these kinds of attacks start just remember to stay focused on your path and do not listen to gossip and evil talk as this is the way that evil works. You have a choice between negative energy and LIGHT Energy, light does not talk badly about anyone nor judges anyone, it keeps it self clean of all such things. Light does not feel victimize or assign blame. We battle this evil by being loving and positive in all things and make sure that we keep our selves pure on the right path of light. Having said that, sometimes it is necessary to clean house and get the parasites out of the system so that the Light may flow in a better way and for that we sometimes must create a battle plan, kind of like when we make a plan of action to get things done. Sometimes it is a time to fight. This is the time for such a Battle Plan, this is a time to fight!

We are seeing 'new age' parasites coming into the Rocky Mountain Mystery School, the only one of the seven mystery schools that is open and is therefore truly serving the people directly and these parasites are going to try to destroy the school and stop that important service. They introduce what they call "new and better things" but indeed they are things only created by these parasites for their own benefit and these things have not been handed down through the ages like most of the tools that we use. These things come from the ego of these parasites minds and have no proof to work or even being of the light. WE WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! We will defend the school and its Light to the world and we will take action against these parasites. We are drawing a line in the sand. We will no longer take any attack by an individual or group with a passive demeanor. WE WILL DEFEND OURSELVES!!

These individuals have in the past proven that they want to tear down the good work of this school and have been very negative towards us. Evil is amongst us dear friends, and this time it is starting from within the school, we have opened the gates and they are streaming in to destroy and plunder and take. It is an attempted "Hostile Take Over" by parasites of Evil! We ALL must take up arms and fight! Firstly by speaking our truth, saying no to these entities that have never been "friends of the Mystery School" but evil in sheep's clothing that has come and taken what they wanted and left without so much as a thank you. This is like the battle for Zion in the Matrix.

The Gates have been left open unintentionally as we are feeling our way through a transition that's happening with me and Laurie as the old leadership of the RMMS. These people are taking advantage of the fact that we are finalizing a divorce and are coming to attack what they think is a vulnerable situation, and attempt to destroy us! Their goals are to end the work of this Mystery School and form their own little coven. They do this because 'their guidance has told them it is so'. They truly believe that they are doing the right thing and are blinded by their own fears. Perhaps their guidance is not so clear as they at the same time must use tools of anger and attack those who are of light. Many of the old students who have let their egos take over and have strayed away from the true teachings have, out of spite and anger, banded together. Those that this school either turned away or simply said you may go no further, have teamed together. They see weakness where we have hidden our strength.

We will NOT let them take us down, we will fight for our right to serve God and humans alike and to be happy and seek this Light! These parasites try to take your attention away from the truth of our reality on this planet and want you to focus on some celestial new age mumbo jumbo that has no truth to it. They want you to look away as evil sets in and takes over your lives. They say that Evil is gone from the planet, but some one forgot to tell evil about that. There is no "magickal belt" that has come and eliminated evil and we are still in the battle for our Light. In order to get the parasites out we have created a battle plan and the first thing is the flow of information.

I'm happy to announce our NEW WEBSITE:

Here you will get CORRECT information about the seminars and programs that the Rocky Mountain Mystery School offers around the world and a list of those truly dedicated to this school and its mission on this planet, there will be a list of Guides and Third Steppers as well as Teachers who are Initiated in the true lineage. This list indicates those who are still on this path and have not fallen away and are authorized by the school into the true lineage of Salomon.


The fact is that we will not let the HOLINESS OF THE INITIATIONS fall into the hands of parasites and this is happening with some foundational teachings such as the Teachers Program, Ritual Master Program and the Adept Initiation. There are those who are giving them selves the authority to do these initiations without being authorized to do so. So from now on, if the student wants the higher teachings they need to go through me for these teachings and they will not be accepted as being in the true lineage of this school if they get these Initiations somewhere else. If they want the higher teachings they need to go through the correct channels! At the moment I am the ONLY one who can do the Ritual Master program. There are other seminars and programs which other teachers are authorized to do and the new website will clearly list these. The list will have those who are Truly Certified to do the work and what work they are certified to do. The site also has links to those Light Centers that are dedicated to the Light.

You can also go to my own website and see what I am doing and my schedule for the year around the world:

As you can see the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT keeps me pretty busy and indeed the school is in huge demand and is going through explosive growth right now. The RMMS is truly holding and presenting the Light and we are needed on this planet today! Evil may be amongst us but SO IS GOOD and we will be victorious in our efforts, no matter what. Do not lose hope dear friends, be strong and stay POSITIVE and watch your mind for negative patterns, weave ONLY good patterns and your life will be good.

I send you all my love and my deepest honor for your path, I accept and allow all of you to be who you are and I wish you the best of life with passion and good fortune.

With LOVE and LIGHT,
Your humble servant,
Gudni GED Gudnason RM
Headmaster / Grand Master Teacher of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School